Focus Putting Trainer

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Focus Putting Trainer
  • Train proper core motion
  • Easy to understand dial
  • Improve your stroke
  • Hole more putts

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The FOCUS is the most effective way to master your putting and effortlessly commit your perfect putting stroke to muscle memory - regardless of your putting style.

The FOCUS is proven to increase putting stroke efficiency by 21.3% in just a few sessions and is a favorite of top PGA Golf Instructors. Your FOCUS:

  • Uses BioKinetics to commit a perfect putting stroke to muscle memory
  • Eliminates unnecessary wrist and body movements
  • Fully adjusts to any putter length and grip thickness
  • Works with your own putter and with any putting style
  • Uses tactile and visual feedback sensors to create the perfect stroke
  • Includes two learning modes for perfect form mastery
  • Takes all the thinking out of your putting stroke
  • Ergonomically friendly to both male and female golfers

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